2 Nov, 2022

When Your Ex Is Blabbing About You…Ruining Your Reputation

By | November 2nd, 2022|Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Mediation Process, Separation Agreements|

The idea of people speaking negatively about us is a huge source of shame for many. We all want to exist in the world thinking that we are well thought of, or at least neutrally thought of. Whether the negative thing is true or not, it's obviously really unsettling.  One of the unique aspects of a marital relationship is that each spouse knows things about the other that no one else does. When vulnerabilities that are exposed in the times of greatest (more...)

9 Oct, 2022

When Filing For Divorce Triggers a Reconciliation: Changing Your Mind About Divorce

By | October 9th, 2022|Divorce Mediation Process, Separation Agreements|

When clients come to me in the beginning, they often do not know the state of their marriage. On a number of occasions, this has led to both parties signing an executed divorce agreement and, after I’ve filed it, call me to withdraw the papers and to stop the action before the judge signs it.  There’s nothing new about people changing their minds at the last minute. In fact, one of the perennial questions I field is something to the effect of, (more...)

15 Jul, 2022

When Porn is the Mistress in Divorce

By | July 15th, 2022|Divorce Finances, Divorce Mediation Process, Separation Agreements|

Sometimes in marriage, neither spouse is having an affair, but there is an enormous amount of time being spent watching porn by one party. This is sometimes unbeknownst to the other party until, one day, it’s out in the open. Many clients who have made discoveries like this become deeply disturbed by it for various reasons — including a tangible loss of respect for their spouse. This reckoning with porn addiction is taking place all over, all the time, and across socioeconomic (more...)

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