Cheryl Stein

Cheryl Stein, Esq. is a highly experienced litigator and mediator with a specialty and expertise in Matrimonial and Family Law. She is the principal of the Law and Mediation Offices of Cheryl Stein, a law firm located in New York City and Brooklyn and dedicated to serving the New York tri-state and metropolitan areas. With over a decade of legal experience, Cheryl graduated with honors in 2005 from Fordham University School of Law, where she was active and represented clients in the Family Law Clinic, as well as Legal Services of New York. Cheryl also interned for Judge Esther Morgenstern both in Family Court and in IDV (“Integrated Domestic Violence”) Court.

Cheryl regularly appears in court and is experienced in the intricacies of the legal system. Cheryl is also a certified mediator, having received her additional trainings and certification at the Center for Mediation and Training.

Cheryl also has a background in psychology and finance, which she always applies to satisfy her clients’ individual emotional tolerances and financial budgets and plans. Cheryl views matrimonial law as an integration of law, finance, and psychology and believes that each element must be properly heeded and executed for optimal healthy resolution. She has been lauded for her practical, forthright, unflappable, and efficient approach. She does not waste time and cuts to the chase. She does this all while still being accessible, easy to talk to, and keenly insightful. She provides her clients with detailed and clear explanations and answers. She is highly knowledgeable and resourceful and guides her clients to additional resources they may need.

Cheryl is committed to providing stellar quality work, establishing close working relationships with clients characterized by humanity, caring, and understanding, and achieving positive and highly satisfactory results for her clients.

Cheryl Stein, Esq. has been nominated and selected as a Superlawyer and received such distinguished accolades and recognition from her colleagues and Thomson Reuters.

Cheryl is an active member of the New York State Bar Association, New York City Bar Association, New York Women’s Bar Association Matrimonial and Litigation committees, New York County Lawyer's Association, Academy of Professional Family Members, New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, Family & Divorce Mediation Council, and several public interest groups.

Colleague Testimonial:

“Cheryl is well-skilled in determining those situations that are suitable to an amicable mediation and settlement negotiation, as opposed to those requiring financial discovery, custody and support litigation, and forensic involvement. Cheryl expresses constant commitment, patience, and dedication to her clients whether through composed mediation and collaborative methods or intricate and aggressive divorce litigation.”

Client Testimonial:

“Thank You – for treating me like a princess, not a case number; for keeping me relaxed throughout my ordeal; for calming my nerves and making the process stress-free; for the confidence of knowing I’m in good hands. Thank you Cheryl – for going above and beyond the call of duty!”

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